How to Create Custom Retail Displays

Custom retail displays are a great way to promote your products and get your brand name in front of customers. They can also help increase your sales and improve the overall experience of visiting your store.


The best custom retail displays have a unique design that catches the eye of customers, making them want to take a closer look at the items being promoted. You can use anything from images to banners to graphics, but it’s important to remember that the overall look of your display is what matters most.


Imagery is a big part of your display’s visual appeal, so make sure to choose high-quality images that match the branding of the product or store. This will help your customers know that they’re looking at the right thing and may encourage them to purchase it.


Using upcycling to create your custom store displays is another great way to add character to your POP and stand out from the crowd. For example, you can use an old wooden wine box as a bin to display different sizes of small items. Similarly, you can use a clothesline to display clothing items in different colors and styles.


Life-size cutouts of a brand spokesperson or movie character can be a great way to draw attention to your displays. These can be displayed in a variety of ways, including by hanging them from the ceiling, placing them above your display or even having them on a wall.


You can also make your display stand out by adding a large banner to it. These are typically easy to install and can be made from materials such as cast vinyl, calendar vinyl or mesh vinyl. They can be printed in full color and can be used to advertise new products or promotions. Read more here.


A great retail display is one that can capture the attention of customers at any time, whether they’re browsing or buying a product. You can also create custom retail displays that are designed to interact with your target audience, enabling them to touch and feel the products being sold.


Creating a theme for your retail display is a great way to engage shoppers and tell them the story behind your brand or products. For instance, an acupuncture practice could use graphics that share the promise of a relaxing practice environment with practical information, such as office hours, to help entice passers-by to stop and check out their services.


Theme-based merchandising helps to drive impulse purchases as it provides a focal point for your store’s display areas. By combining this concept with interactive elements, such as product demos and free samples, you can ensure that shoppers are engaged and interested in your product offerings.


On-Shelf Displays

Shelves are a great place to market your products, but they can be boring if you don’t have any special items hung above them. A good way to draw people’s attention is by hanging a banner above the shelves. This can be done with retractable banner stands or with a simple step-and-repeat sign that features the product you’re promoting. Check this page:


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